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Marie Callenders

Mission Viejo, CA 


Early 1940's It all started with dessert. The legacy of Marie Callender began in the early 1940s in Orange County, California, when Marie, an accomplished baker, first launched her legendary pie business, delivering freshly baked pies to area restaurants.  By 1948 with the help of her husband Cal and son Don, they turned this home-based bakery into a bona fide business complete with a wholesale bakery. Within a few years, Marie was making over 200 pies daily and had acquired a truck and a mixer. The first pie and coffee shop was opened in 1964 in Orange, California, by Marie's son, Don. Other pie shops soon followed and in 1969, the pie shops began serving a full-service restaurant menu with many recipes created by Marie herself. The combination of the Perkins Restaurant & Bakery chain with Marie Callender's occurred in 2006 creating an undisputed presence in the national dining scene. And, while the Perkins Restaurant & Bakery concept and the Marie Callender's® concept fall under the same corporate umbrella, both brands remain individual, carrying with them their own rich histories, unique competitive points of difference and distinct geographical strongholds.

Today Marie Callender's® operates over 65 restaurants and 1 East Side Mario's restaurant in the United States and Mexico. And while many things have changed, one thing will always remain the same—the quality and care that goes into making each and every one of our legendary pies. And for that, we can all be thankful.